Jeroen Habets

IPv6 ready Currently I am only using this server to host some applications and test some others, except an IM for my brother Ferdinand. Since years my CV does not contain any more than my LinkedIn profile.

100% score My PGP Key ID: F7B3550A Fingerprint: A8CE C413 DCC1 ABC8 2DED ED3E 5AE3 F9FE F7B3 550A

Link Description status (only externally hosted service by
Mastodon a self-hosted Twitter alternative (Ruby/React+PostgreSQL).

<= My handle in the fediverse is myMDP a Music Play Daemon web client.

jeroen at habets dot dev
ejabberd an XMPP server (Erlang+PostgreSQL) score 100%
<= My XMMP handle is jeroen at habets dot dev
I use the Converse.js web client, Conversations Android app and BeagleIM on my Macbook Pro. Synapse a home server for Matrix, an alternative federated communications server. (Currently not in active use) Pi-hole - Network-wide protection (DNS) Vaultwarden - Unofficial Bitwarden compatible server. Minecraft server - for my Minecraft loving daughter. Canvas LMS - as my on-demand e-learning testbed. (Normally off)
Kodi Media Server via HDMI driving my Marantz SR7012 7.1 Atmos home theater and Benq W1070 beamer. Joplin note taking app (Evernote alternative) syncing (fast) with a Joplin Server (beta) or a WebDAV folder (slow) hosted on this server
PostgreSQL (my favourite database), ElasticSearch, Redis, Docker