Jeroen Habets

Currently I am only using this server to host some applications and test some others. Since years my CV does not contain any more than my LinkedIn profile.

PGP Key ID: F7B3550A Fingerprint: A8CE C413 DCC1 ABC8 2DED ED3E 5AE3 F9FE F7B3 550A
Mastodon a self-hosted Twitter alternative.

<= My handle in the fediverse is myMDP a Music Play Daemon web client.

jeroen at habets dot dev
ejabberd a XMPP server score
<= My XMMP handle is jeroen at habets dot dev
I use the Converse.js web client, Conversations Android app and BeagleIM on my Macbook Pro. Synapse a home server for Matrix, an alternative federated communications server. (Currently not in active use) Pi-hole - Network-wide protection (DNS)
Kodi Media Server via HDMI driving my Marantz SR7012 7.1 Atmos home theater and Benq W1070 beamer.
Joplin note taking app (Evernote alternative) syncing with a WebDAV folder hosted on this server
PostgreSQL (my favourite database), ElasticSearch, Redis, Docker

Powered by nginx on Ubuntu on a low power AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 2400GE on B450 m-ITX with 32 GB ECC RAM and ZFS RAID-Z2 4 8TB disk array in a modded Lian LI PC-Q08 to fit a Kraken X42 watercooler.

Communications secured using Let's Encrypt wildcard certificate managed by EFF's certbot using acme-dns, and tested using SSL Labs [Score A+] and [Score 71%] (lowered due to lack of IPv6 by my ISP).